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The Silverlight MobileMe Gallery is a recreation of the Apple MobileMe Gallery using 100% pure Silverlight.


  • This project is no longer under active development. I did this as a learning excercise to learn Silverlight and try to recreate something useful and elegant. If you would like it to continue, please contact me or grab the code and fork away!

Getting Started

About the Silverlight MobileMe Gallery

The goal in one sentence is to create an exact replica, feature-for-feature match of the MobileMe Gallery using 100% Silverlight.
This project began as a way to experiment with and learn the new features in Silverlight 3. Check out the blog post that introduced the idea: Recreating the MobileMe Gallery in Silverlight 3

In addition to learning the features in Silverlight 3, I also wanted to experiment with using Expression Blend 3 as a compliment to Silverlight development. Therefore, all graphics (rss button, image slider, etc) and toolbar items were created/styled using Expression Blend 3.

Key Features & Success Criteria:

  • Play MPEG-4 (.m4v) files using Silverlight without the need for QuickTime
  • Photo Album and Movie “Scrubbing” (if you view the sample above, you’ll see what I mean when you mouse over an album or movie)
  • Full featured photo album with all the features (and views) of the one built-in to MobileMe Gallery
  • Utilize the photos/movies already stored on MobileMe Gallery (no separate upload or storage mechanism required)
  • Support same URL structure as MobileMe:[username]
    • Work with ANY MobileMe username:[username]
  • 100% Silverlight implementation

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